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Eco-Therapy Resources

Eco-Therapy Websites

Resources for further exploration. Click on the image to open a web page.

Active Hope website
School of lost borders website link
Protecting our people  website link
Emergence magazine  website link
On Being  website link
Ayana Elizabeth Johnson website link
Ecopsychology website link
Joanna Macy website link
Being website link

Eco-Therapy Books

Books for further reading. Click on the image to find the book on or on Amazon

Many of these titles are also available as audiobooks

Eco-Therapy Films

Some of these films can be watched for free and others need to be paid for.

Click on the image to take you to the film's website.

My Octopus teacher website link
Cow website link
Returning Homa website link

To read the poem or to buy it as an illustrated booklet, visit Tom Hirons' website:

Eco-Therapy Podcasts

One Being
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