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To download a PDF version of the handout,

Click anywhere on the document


(Please note that the handouts will only be available after each training day)

The Language of awareness handout
Equality Act 2010 handout
The DTR handout
Models for Humanistic change handout
Gestalt cycle of Awareness
Gestalt Prayer

The Johari Window Handout is has 3 pages, click on the document to download it 

Johari Window Handout
Gestalt Cycle of Experience Handout
Interruptions to contact Handout
Interruptions to contact description Handout

Click on the document below to download ALL 5 pages of the drama triangle, including Persecutor, Victim, Rescuer and Leveller.

Drama Triangle
Drama Triangle Roles
Genogram Symbols
Genogram symbols - additional handout
Sample genogram Handout


Click on the documents below to download the PDF. Some of the documents have more than one page that are not visible here.

Anger handout
Anger Rituals Handout
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