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Year 3 - Information

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Camera Close Up

Assignment 3 - Mindful Photographs

Photograph 1 -  Suicide and Social Injustice

Take a moment to be with the thoughts and feelings that come up for you as you reflect on suicide. Consider suicide in the context of social injsustice. Take a walk in an unfamiliar environment - this might be a different path in a place you visit regularly or a different route to work... Allow yourself to look at the sights with a fresh perspective, with your camera. Consider what happens when you move very close to an object or how something looks when you photograph it from an angle looking up or down: consider how you may exaggerate a feature or perhaps underplay it. Work with texture, colour, light and shade. Make an image slowly carefully, responding mindfully to suicide and social injustice.  Write a title and some text (no more than 500 words) to support the viewer to understand the themes you are reflecting on. 

Photograph 2 - Addiction and Social Injustice

At a different time, move around your home environment and look closely at the objects that are part of your day to day life. Take a moment to look at this space you live in which is part of your day to day, taking in what you see that perhaps you normally pass by without really noticing the details as you go about your life. Think about our conversations about addiction and what this may have touched in you.  Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings as a way to respond and make an image working with something that catches your attention, even if you might not yet understand what draws you to it. Be with it for a moment before you experiment with making an image. Write a title and some text (no more than 500 words) for this image to help the viewer understand a bit more about your work and your response to addiction in the context of social injustice.

The photos will all b printed, so please email them and the words that go with your photos to Audrey at no later than 8th Sepetmber.

Homa YR 3 - Assignment 2
TA Meeting Summary
Year 3 Assignment 1
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