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Voluntary Clinical Placement

Below are the documents you will need for your placement. The Clinical Placement Agreement must be signed by your placement organisation and your Training Advisor before you start seeing clients. The Supervisor report ​must be completed by the person supervising your work with clients. The Fitness to Practice is available if your organisation requests it. 

To download a PDF version of these documents, click anywhere on the document.

HOMA Friendly Supervisor

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 09.46.14.png

Gill Doust

Gill is an experienced psychotherapist and supervisor who was part of the Spectrum training programme. She is availablefor individual or group supervision (4 in a group).

Location: Homa (for groups) and/or Finsbury Park

Cost: £85 for indivudal supervision (1hr) £42.50 per person for groups of 4 (2hrs)

Tel:  020 83419168 

BACP - Placements
Placement Agreement
Supervisor Report.png
Fitness to practice
Voluntaery Placements 2024


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